Finnish Indian Consortia for Research and Education (FICORE ) is a network of higher education institutions from Finland and India collaborating in diverse fields of science and technology. FICORE is currently operating as ‘India Pilot’ among the 8 Global Pilots initiated by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture. FICORE is an important beneficiary of the 185 Million Euro investment from the Finnish Ministry for 2020-24 for the Global Pilots.
Image-Bioenergy workshop-IIT Delhi
IITs-Finnish Universities Joint Workshop on Biofuels at IIT Delhi. Source: Kit Srinivasan.

The vision of FICORE is to provide a foundation for stakeholders in higher education, industries, policy, and research from Finland and India to engage in meaningful and impactful joint initiatives that benefit society at large.

Interconnecting more than 90% of the actors in the Finnish academia, FICORE acts as a powerful channel for engagement with Finland for cutting-edge RDI cooperation and Innovation initiatives. 

FICORE as the India pilot is an integral part of the ‘Global Programme Pilots’ initiated and supported by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture. The Pilots support the Finnish higher education institutions to enhance the global dimension in their strategies and promote excellence in key research areas together with international partners in Africa, China, India, and the USA.

FICORE steers the India Pilot activities by utilising the existing collaboration with the Indian Institutes of Technology as the foundation.

FICORE works closely in collaboration with two other Finnish networks engaging with India namely, EDUCase – A Higher Education Platform for Global Sustainability and GINTL - Global Innovation Network for Teaching and Learning.

More information about the Global networks funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture is available here.

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