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Mission and vision

FICORE is a network of higher education institutions from Finland and India collaborating in diverse fields of science and technology.

The vision of FICORE is to provide a foundation for stakeholders in higher education, industries, research, and policy from Finland and India to engage in meaningful and impactful joint initiatives that benefit society at large.

Interconnecting more than 90% of the actors in the Finnish academia, FICORE acts as a powerful channel for engagement with Finland for cutting-edge RDI cooperation and Innovation initiatives. 

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Together with Indian partners, FICORE supports

  • Promoting the RDI excellence in Finland to the global stage
  • Establishing multidisciplinary platforms and expert networks for long term collaboration
  • Strengthening global dimension in education and competence development
  • Sharing and synergizing with entrepreneurship, startup, and innovation ecosystems
  • Inviting industries to join innovation initiatives with academia and
  • Increasing the mobility of students, academics, and researchers

FICORE focus areas

FICORE highlights three key Finnish Flagships for 2020-24.

FICORE encourages collaboration in all fields of mutual interests and with all possible synergies in other 7 Finnish Flagships.

6G Flagship

6G Flagship (external link)

Next-Generation Network Technologies (6G Flagship hosted by the University of Oulu)


FinnCERES (external link)

Materials Bioeconomy (FinnCERES Materials Cluster hosted by Aalto University)

Finnish Center for Artificial Intelligence (FCAI)

FCAI (external link)

Artificial Intelligence (Finnish Center for Artificial Intelligence - FCAI, partnered by Aalto University and University of Helsinki)

Learn more about the Finnish research excellence!

Finnish Centers of Excellence

Finnish Centers of Excellence (external link)

Finnish Centers of Excellence from the Academy of Finland

Finnish Flagship

Finnish Flagships (external link)

Finnish Flagships from the Academy of Finland