Exploring Collaborative Robotics in India and Finland

In March, researchers, academics, and industries in robotics will be pampered by a webinar series featuring different aspects of collaboration robotics. Organised in the framework of the Finnish Indian Consortia for Research and Education (FICORE), the webinar series aims to bring together higher education institutions and industries in both countries to facilitate future collaboration and partnerships in the field of robotics.
A robot dropping a red block on a woman’s palm. Image by: Terho Aalto
A robot dropping a red block on a woman’s palm. Image by: Terho Aalto

The webinar series covers robotics in education, social robots, human-robot interaction as well as industrial-scale collaborative robotics. The organizers of the webinars at the Häme University of Applied Sciences (HAMK) and Tampere University share a passion for robotics.  

According to Jarmo Havula, Director of HAMK Tech Research Unit, "Robotics is a fast-developing area and requires a multidisciplinary approach to solve the research and development challenges and develop up-to-date education for engineers. We believe that international collaboration will support all the partners to achieve a new level in robotics."

The webinars, consist of presentations on development and research projects in robotics from India and Finland followed by discussions. The webinar series is open to higher education institutions and industries in the field of robotics and are designed to encourage the exchange of ideas for future collaboration and new project ideas.

Professor Markku Turunen from Tampere University explains that, “FICORE seminars allow us to meet numerous colleagues from different disciplines both from Finland and India, and in this way it enables exceptional collaboration possibilities. This would not be possible without the close co-operation of the FICORE network partners. We are expecting many new activities to emerge from this work."

The webinar series includes the following episodes:

9 March              Robotics in Education. Webinar recordings for Robotics in Education is available here.  

16 March            Social Robots and Human-Robot Interaction. Webinar recordings for Social Robots and Human-Robot Interaction is available here.

23 March            Collaborative Robotics. Webinar recordings for Collaborative robotics is available here.

For more information about the webinars, click on the relevant theme.   

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