The University of Helsinki invites partners to collaborate on a project competition on environmental sensing

The MegaSense team at the University of Helsinki is coordinating a project competition on environmental sensing and we would like to invite partners to collaborate on this competition. We welcome participation from IITs and Finnish Higher Education Institutions, and the current list of partners includes Metropolia University of Applied Sciences and IIIT Hyderabad. The project competition will be open to students, and the participants are expected to design, build, deploy, and demonstrate an end-to-end solution for environmental sensing.
Environmental Sensing
Image by Peggy und Marco Lachmann-Anke

The envisioned competition will be accordingly: 

  1. Each institute will provide a list of devices/components and research infrastructure that will be available to students from the participating institutes.  An example set of devices is as follows: Raspberry PIs, CO2 monitors, humidity sensors, etc.
  2. The students of a given institute will form groups of up to 5 people and sign up for the competition.
  3. The responsible personnel at an institute will provide the devices to the groups and provide access to any infrastructure for building the devices.
  4. Alternatively, the participating institutions can also make this competition part of a course and offer some credits to the students. The University of Helsinki (UH) is planning to make this part of a course held in September, and students from UH who participate in this project would be allowed to get credits if they also sign up for the course.

Tentative Schedule

01.09.2022 – Participants receive the components and devices

15.11.2022 – Deadline for submitting the deliverables.

30.11.2022 – Evaluation completed

What we require from institutions:

  • The names and email addresses of personnel.
  • The list of devices that they are willing to contribute.
  • The computational infrastructure such as VMs, etc. that they can provide to the participants.
  • Names of people they recommend for the jury.
  • Any specific criteria/recommendations for the competitions

Want to join?

We welcome participation from IITs and Finnish Higher Education Institutions. To express interest in participating please fill in the following form by 30.06.2022.

More information about MegaSense can be found on Home | MegaSense SmartCity Consortium

Please contact Ashwin Rao ([email protected]) for inquiries. 

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