Your Door to Finnish RDI Ecosystem

FICORE offers you the possibilities to connect with Finnish Academia, Flagships, Center of Excellence, Research and Development, and Innovation ecosystems.
Otaniemi aerial autumn 2019 Aalto University. Source: Matti Ahlgren
Sustainability Science Days Aalto Festival. Source: Mikko Raskinen

FICORE is your power link to Finnish Academia

FICORE  interconnects you with

Also, through FICORE you can get closer to 12 State research institutes and numerous private R&D units in Finland.

Copyright Academy of Finland
Copyright Academy of Finland

FICORE is your pathway to Finnish Flagships

FICORE provides you the entry to collaborate with 10 Finnish Flagships in niche areas such as 6G, AI, bioeconomy, cancer medicine, climate, photonics, welfare, gene and nano therapy, immune system, and nature and human interplay. Finnish Flagships are RDI clusters or ecosystems worth 166 Million Euros investment from the Academy of Finland for 2018-2029. With the addition of funding from academia and other organizations, the Flagships have about 500 Million Euros of funding during the Flagship period.

Copyright Academy of Finland
Copyright Academy of Finland

FICORE is your door opener to Finnish Centers of Excellence (CoE)

The Finnish partners in the FICORE network provide close connections to work with 23 Finnish CoEs in cutting-edge areas of research such as ageing, body in chip, disease mechanics, energy conversion, hybrid materials, law, stem cell, genetics, sustainable space, and quantum technology. With over 168 Million Euros funding from the Academy of Finland for 2017-27, the CoEs offer world-class research environments for talented researchers globally.

R&D [Accessed 21 Mar. 2022].

FICORE is your key to Finnish Research and Development landscape

By connecting you with the Finnish academia, flagships, and CoEs, FICORE acts as a key for you to understand and synergize with the Finnish R&D expenditure* of 1.4 Billion Euros annually out of the total budget of 6.4 billion Euros. 

( *Academy of Finland and I *R&D data from 2019-22)

SLUSH2019. Source: Mikko Raskinen

FICORE is your step closer to Finnish Innovation Ecosystem

FICORE brings you closer to the Finnish Entrepreneurship and Innovation Ecosystem which is considered to be the Rising Startup Hub of Europe*.

  • Finland is ranked third in the world for venture capital (VC) availability**
  • Has a unique ecosystem combining the state, academia, and industries
  • Is home to the World’s leading Startup event – SLUSH

(**Finnish Venture Capital Association I *** Global Competitiveness Report, World Economic Forum, Switzerland 2019)

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