Invitation for expression of interest: Indo-Finnish webinar series in collaborative robotics

Finnish Indian Consortia for Research and Education (FICORE) invites experts from India and Finland to express their interests to develop a series of webinars in the field of Collaborative and Interactive Robotics.
Experts interested in contributing to the webinar series are requested to submit their expression of interests through the Web Form (in the text below) by 20 October 2022.

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The aim of the webinar series is to bring together academics, students, researchers, and industries with interests  in Collaborative and Interactive Robotics to share expertise, to learn and to be inspired by others. The webinar series also aim to breed meaningful interactions among participants and to develop meaningful connections for collaborations in the future.

The webinars are an excellent channel to showcase Indo-Finnish bilateral expertise in the field of Robotics to a broader audience including academia and industries alike. In addition, they support the participating organizations to exhibit their excellence in this field to the others and to promote the possibilities in education and research.

The webinar series intend to focus on the umbrella theme‘Robotic interaction with the surrounding world (collaborative, social, educational, industrial, health etc.,)’. The specific themes for the webinar episodes will be decided based on the expressions of interests from the invited partners.  The tentative timeframe for the event is March 2023. The schedule proposed for the preparation is as follows:

  1. 20 October 2022      Submission of Expression of Interests  
  2. 20 November 2022  Confirmation to proposals selected
  3. 20 December 2022  Draft for sessions/speakers etc.
  4. 30 January 2023       Finalizing programme for sessions
  5. by 20 February         Registrations for open audience
  6. March 2023 Actual Webinars (the dates to be fixed by 30 Jan 2023)

If you are interested to contribute to the webinar series, we request you to submit your expression of interest through this web form by 20 October 2022, including the following information:

  1. A brief introduction of a topic that you or your organization proposes to be included in the webinar, and
  2. An expression of your or your organization’s interest in presenting the proposed topic in one of the webinar sessions.

Along with FICORE network, the organizers of the webinar series Häme University of Applied Sciences (HAMK) and Tampere University (TAU) welcome your active contribution and participation! 

For queries and clarifications please contact,

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