Robotics in Education

Finnish Indian Consortia in Research and Education (FICORE) is pleased to invite academics, students, researchers, and industries with interests in Collaborative and Interactive Robotics to attend FICORE Robotics Webinar 'Robotics in Education' on 9 March at 10 AM (UTC+02:00).
Aalto University, Spot robot
Aalto University spot robot. Photo by: Mikko Raskinen

The event showcases Indo-Finnish bilateral expertise in the field of Robotics to a broader audience including academia and industries alike. Hosted by the Häme Univerity of Applied Sciences (HAMK) and Tampere University (TAU), the webinar aims to bring together higher education institutions and industries in both countries to facilitate future collaboration and partnerships in the field of robotics.

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10:00​    Welcoming addresses​

10:05​    Integrating Cobotics in Education-First Steps​; Akash Sondhi, Head of Education, Research and Training I-Hub Foundation for Cobotics

10.25​    To feel or not to feel? Indian children’s perception of social robots in the classroom – Nao in the future​; Charu Monga, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, Marianne Kinnula and Sumita Sharma, University of Oulu​

10:45​    Robostudio @ Tampere University - Experiences and Reflections on the novel robotic co-learning activities​; Aino Ahtinen, Tampere University ​

11:05​    Discussions (in Zoom breakout rooms)​

11:25​    Short break​

11:30​   Tech for Good Robotics; Robotics and Future Skills for the marginalised society students, Payal Manan, Robotix India​

11:50​    Learning Robotics in Open RoboLab studying environment​; Elisa Utriainen, Robotics Campus, City of Riihimäki​

12:10​    What did we learn during the robotics module at HAMK?; Mohsen Khanbeigi, HAMK Robotics module student ​

12:30​    Discussions (in Zoom breakout rooms) and together​

13:00​    Closing of the webinar​

The Robotics in Education webinar is the first session of a FICORE webinar series dedicated to collaborative robotics. More information about the webinar series is available here

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