Unconference - Algorithmic Literacy among young learners

The Unconference - Algorithmic Literacy among Young Learners looks at new forms of pedagogy and participatory engagement with AI and data-centric concepts that promote critical, playful, and inclusive algorithmic literacy and digital citizenship among young learners, primarily in the Finnish and Indian contexts.
Unconference - Algorithmic Literacy among Young Learners

AI practitioners, teachers, academics, and anyone interested in the topic is welcome to the Unconference on Algorithmic Literacy among Young Learners. The event will be conducted in the " Unconference" format, where the participants will dive into different issues and concepts in a more informal and participatory manner. The topics for discussion will include but are not limited to, algorithmic literacy, AI, child-centric design, young learners, education and technology, and participatory forms of pedagogy. 

Further details will be sent to the interested that register. More information about Promoting Critical, Playful and Inclusive Algorithmic Literacy and Digital Citizenship among Young Learners is available here

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